This is the old ranking of Level 80 and it's now closed! Notpron is a lot larger already, and a new ranking will be added one day.

# Name Date (gmt+1) Comment From   Sex Pretended Age
01 Scott 22.01.2005 20:59h You are my hero, make a 6th sheet. USA
02 Giuly
22.01.2005 21:06h 81 Wasn't SOOO hard... Gr33ts to #torrentsektor :> Italy 16
03 Ken 22.01.2005 21:10h Give me pron or give me death! USA 20
04 GuyWeldo
22.01.2005 23:19h Argh! Thanks David!
USA 26
05 Lim Gravecryer 22.01.2005 23:22h wow, u truly gave me a lot of sleepless nights full of
riddling!!! great riddle!!
Netherlands 16
06 PAX 22.01.2005 23:24h After all, I want more! Switzerland 31
07 PenguinExMachina 22.01.2005 23:30h What a wonderful game! Thanks a ton David!

USA 17
08 Coriadil
22.01.2005 23:45h That was undeniably my favorite riddle yet. You're a god.
USA 16
09 DjCrimsonFox 23.01.2005 00:01h Great times indeed. Thanks for the challenge David. USA 20
10 Lannister 23.01.2005 00:42h Who is John Galt? ...I love you Dagny! =D USA 17
11 Snowman 23.01.2005 00:46h Yes, this time I made it to the ranking!! Greez to everyone who made it til here! Switzerland 27
12 Joshua Mullin 23.01.2005 00:55h Bwee! All your base are belong to plastic lobster. USA 19
13 Angela of Lorien 23.01.2005 01:08h got the riddle after you closed ranking... thx for opening up! i finished this with 4'9" of romanian girl power... ;)
USA 20
14 shebin
23.01.2005 01:12h Really nice David, thx a lot! But i have to say, Ilove Yen1cqa! :)
Czech Republic 24
15 Bodare 23.01.2005 01:19h Finally! Sweden 16
16 Matt Flohr 23.01.2005 03:17h Thanks for making a new ending. That was a lot of fun!
Canada 17
17 SMASH 23.01.2005 04:14h Finally i'm in, thanks to everyone and greetings for Tarreo cL!
Chile 18
18 AKTKGO 23.01.2005 04:19h [En]This give me a lot of work from 1 to 81, and teach others ways to think. [Es] Este juego me dio mucho trabajo desde el 1 hasta el 81 y me enseño a otras maneras de pensar.
Chile 28
19 david_g 23.01.2005 04:19h macs suck my ass Canada 19
20 Ryan 23.01.2005 06:44h NotPr0n is still my secret lover. Until the next riddle :D USA 17
21 AnacondaHL 23.01.2005 12:06h What a fantastic riddle! Sad and glad it's
finally over.
USA 19
22 Gustin
23.01.2005 12:32h This was fun!! Sweden 16
23 Kurrem 23.01.2005 13:18h The last part was pretty fun. I kinda went on the wrong track for a while though. Thanks for the 6 hour long headache.
Singapore 14
24 Edgar 23.01.2005 13:35h Thank u DavidM for the fun Brazil 26
25 Drizzit 23.01.2005 14:42h In the first ranking 12th and happy - now I'm just frustrated. I hate you. ^^
Germany 18
26 Carti 23.01.2005 15:03h my 13th is lost :/
Germany 19
27 Wired 23.01.2005 15:29h Loved every single one of the riddles. Waiting for version 2. Willing to contribute! notpr0n rocks!
Germany 46
28 Junimond 23.01.2005 18:42h never searched for these words in this way before... Germany 27
29 Fizz 23.01.2005 18:53h That was great…but I don’t think I can take any more!!! England 30+ (?)
30 Quincy 23.01.2005 19:31h Now I have to sleep. That’s for sure!
Germany 31
31 Lunariia 23.01.2005 20:41h Spread the love - play notpron :D England 22
32 Turtle 23.01.2005 20:47h viva coimbra :D Portugal 21
33 Hannes 23.01.2005 20:59h Finally :)
Germany 19
34 PrOdG
23.01.2005 21:00h Yay, at last! :) Portugal 20
35 TosteX 23.01.2005 Reborn! Portugal 21
36 Garg 23.01.2005 21:08h Again, I complete it... again victory is mine! Time for more big fat cocks.
England 19
37 Patrick 23.01 2005 21:11h Finally done... this one was better than all the 80 riddles before, great idea ;)
PS: Greetz to the "TH" \o/ "
Germany 19
38 Chris VR 23.01.2005 21:18h I was #8 before but at least I am on it again! #80 was the best level yet. USA 15
39 Dumb Luck 23.01.2005 22:40h That last one kicked my ass, but what else is new? Thanks for the great puzzle USA ?
40 Rex 24.01.2005 00:35h this is the greatest accomplishment of my life
USA 16
41 Risuchan 24.01.2005 00:41h Thanks for this awesome riddle, it kept me thinking and was a lot of fun.
USA 17
42 phisher1
24.01.2005 00:50h Amazing! Thanks for the fun. USA 27
43 miwright 24.01.2005 01:08h I can think of no better way to waste weeks of time. :) Thanks, David. USA 27
44 AapO
24.01.2005 02:49h Wow this was really fun, greets from #zvdk
Netherlands 19
45 Kisa 24.01.2005 10:53h Once again! Germany 25
46 983K 24.01.2005 15:24h Hello Kisa Canada 44
47 wuRst 24.01.2005 15:24h you're my hero ;> Germany 17
48 RoQ 24.01.2005 17:56h Once again... Latino America rulz!
Peru 25
49 Alain 24.01.2005 19:45h One of the most satisfying things I've done with my life.
Canada 17
50 Muppa Kuningas 24.01.2005 19:56h Thanks for the great riddle! It's still the most addictive thing in the whole internet x) Waiting for the book now! Love each other and greets from Finland! Finland 20
51 thomee
24.01.2005 20:01h Thanks for waisting my time for so long.
Sweden 32
52 Calitopgun 24.01.2005 21:48h Finally in the ranking. If anyone remember the TV show "Perfect Strangers," I am about to do the dance of joy. "dy dy dy dy dy duhdy dy dy he he!" USA 23
53 LordRockyV
24.01.2005 22:42h Well Im a little higher up this time Nice one David.. very nice USA 19
54 Mihai & Laura 24.01.2005 23:02h It was a nice way to relax during exam period. :P. Let's have more levels.
Romania 21
55 dmbfan316
24.01.2005 23:32h Wow, that new last one made me feel like an idiot once I got it.
USA 28
56 Unregistered 24.01.2005 23:44h great game! grtz drick Netherlands 19
57 thisthingismadd 24.01.2005 23:53h thx david, ure a genius..shout out to all
yankees out there
USA 18
58 TiMusic7 25.01.2005 00:10 I hope i won't have to shave of my mustache.. and derby hat.
USA 19
59 Andrew Frost 25.01.2005 00:38h Thanks David (and Christine) Great Riddles!!! I enjoyed almost every minute of it, except when I was pulling out my hair or dreaming about a certain puzzle!

USA 35
60 theCrusifix
25.01.2005 00:56h to all of us that passed good job, and i can sleep in peace now!
USA 21
61 Colonel Parn 25.01.2005 02:58h Well, took me long enough, but I got it again, with help from some "smarter folk" who know how to give good hints. Again, thanks for the fun times and the cool riddles and I will look forward to the next time you have to reset the ranking.. Just kidding. See ya, everyone.
USA 18
62 PlutotSec 25.01.2005 05:50h Still proud to be the first canadian in old ranking! By the way, want mooooore :O
Canada 17
63 RazieL
25.01.2005 10:05h Why didn't I check my e-mail sooner? =( awww... I''m in the ranking anyway xD!
Chile 18
64 stranger
25.01.2005 14:39h Thanks for the lot of fun I've got with this riddle. Also thanks to my colleague. Germany 31
65 Seer 25.01.2005 14:49h First Scot to make the list. Brilliant fun Scotland 48
66 Lethe_s 25.01.2005 17:25h My head still hurts, but I feel so fulfilled! Belgium 24
67 karol liver 25.01.2005 18:40h zest_me_potion... now i'm dead man...
Poland 24
68 Mark1985
25.01.2005 20:48h this game gave me a headache, but it was worth it!thnx!

Netherlands 19
69 delirious 25.01.2005 22:08h that one was the best, hope not the last :)
Poland 21
70 Drastic
26.01.2005 00:29h Rad Puzzle yo totally Rocks! Another HEH HEH!
USA 16
71 Nighthawk263 (Scott) 26.01.2005 07:48h 2 weeks of stress and hell but at least I completed it! USA 26
72 Elle 26.01.2005 09:48h The last level seriously made me feel dumb. Thanks a billion for this riddle - glad I passed it, after the ludicrously destructive urge to strangle you ... every now and then. Germany 15
73 Datenprof 26.01.2005 12:36h Greats to Kathi C. my Clone and best wishes for all people who made it!
Germany 17
74 daNny 26.01.2005 16:13h hdl <3 Germany 16
75 Rajesh Warrier
26.01.2005 16:38h Pretty good ! Enjoyed solving 80 as much as I did solving
India 24
76 kerrie 26.01.2005 23:21h enjoyed playing, kept me amused for some time, thankyou.
England 20
77 Theak 27.01.2005 09:07h I really, fucking hate you and that Christine of yours. USA 19
78 Grew Kariber
27.01.2005 15:17h why ow why didn't I take the chance!!!
Sweden 16
79 Enia
27.01.2005 18:47h Great Game! Greece 29
80 Chloecat
27.01.2005 19:09h YEY I can have my Life BACK!!!
UK 24
81 Jiten
27.01.2005 20:56h I may not be the first... But i wont be the last :-p UK 18
82 Undomiel 27.01.2005 23:08h thanks for a very enjoyable puzzle!!! UK 21+++++
83 Brian Orak 27.01.2005 23:20h That sure was a great riddle; it took up a lot of my
non-existant free time, but it was awesome nonetheless. You and Christine
are evil geniuses.
USA 19
84 De$t!nY 28.01.2005 01:52h <answer> ... not England ?
85 jon diesel 28.01.2005 02:19h wow man, you need some kind of award for're a genius. when i heard 'riddle' i never thought it'd take THIS long! thanks for the interesting time, keep up the good work!
USA 19
86 golwin
28.01.2005 07:40h hell lot of work, hell lot of fun (doing #80 from observed inet was real fun ;) )
Germany 17
87 Triper 28.01.2005 11:43h A funny and really addictive game. Gives people gray hair but also great fun. Denmark 43
88 Svatik 28.01.2005 14:02h I could have done some useful work instead of playing, but it was worth it! :) Thanks!
Czech Republic 25
89 Marcos Jr 29.01.2005 01:25h Completely addicted to this insane puzzle, thanks David for creating this, special thanks to Will, Sleeper, Flashy for
helping me out in previous puzzles :D
Brazil 24
90 losomode 29.01.2005 06:41h guess I've got to check back here more often.
Excellent extension to the ending!
USA 32
91 penguinsocks 29.01.2005 09:54h "brainteaser" is an understatement Canada 19
92 Tim d-_-b Sleeper 29.01.2005 16:43h yeah baby Brazil 22
93 Supamom 29.01.2005 23:44h DavidM, that was one coooool riddle, and I got there in the end, with a little help from my friends. But what now?????? I need the walkthrough now so I can help others, impossible to remember all that you did throughout the whole riddle. UK 38
94 Peggy 30.1.2005 05:03h Yay! USA 22
95 FarSideX 30.01.2005 06:13h It's been awhile since I got a full nights sleep! Thanks for the puzzle.
Canada 42
96 Kristy Silvernail (FaintWispr) 30.01.2005 09:19h Long live perseverance, geek know-how, and when all else failed…good friends. David, David, David...because of you I have very few hairs left on my head, but I had a blast. Thanks for the good times!
USA 23
97 GaMing 30.01.2005 14:09h Thanks all the fds who help me and thanks the
notporn which i and my friend spent many many lunch time on.
Hong Kong 24
98 voidhawk 30.01.2005 22:54h Hardest riddle on the internet? There'll be no argument from
me... Thanks! :)
England 17
99 Tina 31.01.2005 00:51h Wow! Finally! Thanks for the entertainment!
Australia 20
100 triptych_182
31.01.2005 08:12h Yahoo! Finished at last! Enjoyed lots of pron!
Philippines 20
101 Gasp 31.01.2005 21:49h I'm finally FREE Italy 22
102 Akimbo 31.01.2005 22:16h my brain might be oozing, but, hey, all in good fun. gj david :D
Israel 18
103 VGK 01.02.2005 05:05h very creative on 80 david. Finally done.
USA 16
104 BoBy6K
01.02.2005 05:26h David u r so evil , had a lot of fun 10q for making this riddle
hope u will do another one
Israel 18
105 Peruanou
01.02.2005 12:41h Thanks for all who helped me and for the the hours of fun!
Brazil 20
106 loh666 01.02.2005 13:11h god hates me :P Austria 19
107 Patonki
01.02.2005 15:32h /,, / Rock Hard, Ride Free /,,/
Finland 17
108 Raz0rz 01.02.2005 18:10h WOW I finally made it :D gj david, that was the greatest riddle I ever done. <3 -wa- Israel 16
109 DarkDemon 01.02.2005 18:11h David you are EVIL EVIL EVIL, but smart. Hoping for a sequal! Peace (Y) and love <3. BTW <3 -wa-
Israel 17
110 EgEr
01.02.2005 18:20h Man this riddle is great! too much hard! took me 4ever to made it! great
job David:)
Israel 17
111 klakier2503 01.02.2005 20:54h notpron rulez! pozdro dla sektora Poland 21
112 tenks 01.02.2005 22:12h Good, but frustrating game, DavidM. Very challenging.
USA 15
113 melinda 02.02.2005 04:35h just found the "half way done" addition...what fun to
be sucked back into this riddle!!
USA 30++++
114 Queenie
02.02.2005 06.07h Hahahaha!!!! Continue with other level !!!!!
Hong Kong 24
115 topek 02.02.2005 14:38h Greets from Poland. Awesome puzzle, many hours of a trmendous brain storm. Now to finish to -pr0n!! Respect for Mr. Starling!
Poland 21
116 Ravager 02.02.2005 16:11h Yeah, got it now, too! But my ABI will be 0.1-0.3 Points worse now... :D
Germany 19
117 William Skinner 02.02.2005 21:00h 01100100 01101111 01101110 01100101 00100000 01100010 01101001
01110100 01100011 01101000 01100101 01110011
USA 15
118 press-ass 02.02.2005 23:36h Finally I've made it all through!!! Stal Ostrow Kings!!! Jazda jazda jazda! Czarna Mamba!!! :) greetz to all riddle-brakers from Poland and all over tha world!
Poland 24
119 Sam Townsend
03.02.2005 01:10h Finnally Conquered not pr0n!! onto the negatives!
USA 15
120 Tarnos 03.02.2005 20:53h Its been great fun and i really enjoyed it! Cheers for DavidM and those who helped design this! Malaysia 18
121 Ryan Higginbotham 03.02.2005 21:35h Best riddle ever, tons of fun, now working on negatives
USA 16
122 aic2276 04.02.2005 01:29h Yjanks for showing me how it feels to think outside
the box again
USA 29
123 Steve Mariani 04.02.2005 03:45h Well, I finally made it. David, thanks for keeping my mind going for all those hours. USA 17
124 Ryu Blitz 04.02.2005 07:40h Wow, one little riddle, yet so much mental
anguish..... Good work!
USA 16
125 Nathan Barley 04.02.2005 12:27h That was "well weapon". England 21
126 Citadel 04.02.2005 13:29h bksrgtlvsckkqjsqgmrxvvscujv (enjoy!)

USA 23
127 meh1936 04.02.2005 18:06h By far, the most entertaining puzzle I've done! USA 22
128 Jord Otto
05.02.2005 03:41h My guitar was put aside for a few weeks, poor guitar :(
Netherlands 18
129 Presea 05.02.2005 04:40h Incredible... B, thanks
Germany 18
130 Christian[Jiu Bua] 05.02.2005 10:28h thanks for many, many entertaining and sometimes very frustrating hours! Austria 18
131 Lester Biggs (aka Bigg PhD)
05.02.2005 11:45h This game is the devil...good luck, everyone.
I'm going to sleep right now!
USA 29
132 Jason Foster 05.02.2005 17:04h Farewell Devil Game. I can now resume my normal life.
USA 24
133 Murmel 06.02.2005 18:22h Thanks for a great game, I hope there are still many levels until the real end! Greetings from Vienna, Austria!
Austria 20
134 Wendy 07.02.2005 18:07h woot, finally finished. Australia 19
135 Breekan 08.02.2005 06:05h Heh that was pretty cool USA 18
136 Stefan Winkel 08.02.2005 08:55h I can rest, at last! Man, this was hard! But SO much fun! Netherlands 17
137 daGreg 08.02.2005 13:03h Party on ... Austria 24
138 sWoifal 08:02.2005 13:06h nice riddles Austria 29
139 Mau 08.02.2005 15:41h Omg! Solved!... Damn...what to do with my life now? :O Netherlands 16
140 Tran Hoang Quan 08.02.2005 18:20h hey, yay to the vietnamese. Chuc mung nam moi 2005 :D hihihihi Vietnam 23
141 Nhat Quang Hoang 08.02.2005 18:22h Happy Lunar New Year everyone!!!!!!!!! Especially Vietnames :D Vietnam 19
142 chillertaler 08.02.2005 21:19h Great work!
Let's keep the Party going on!
Austria 24
143 Kamerolifant 08.02.2005 22:47h Whoa! Never was pr0n so frustrating... =) I'm already waiting for notpron v2.0! Netherlands 19
144 Mastakilla 09.02.2005 16:17h OwNeD By RSCN Scotland 16
145 All is Mystery 09.02.2005 18:14h I finally made it trough! I cherish every moment spend on it! USA 16
146   09.02.2005 18:49h No ranking please --;;
I just wanted to thank you for a very fine riddle ;o
147 TheBIG 10.02.2005 00:36h Thanks for the wonderful moments of frustration and anger for not seeing the answer right in front of my eyes. And all my love to my fiancé Vivi. Brazil 27
148 Daniel Loo (Dethyl) 10.02.2005 04:40h What price will be paid for victory? What is the cost
incurred before surrender. Even a death knight was
humbled here.
Singapore 21
149 Amleto 10.02.2005 22:26h woohoo! great job :) England 23
150 Stephan Gruber 11.02.2005 12:22h The Best Riddle in the World ... Ever
Thx for that David
Germany 18
151 Björn Golda 11.02.2005 13:07h finally made it, was way too lazy to hurry with lvl 80 Germany 18
152 Raúl 11.02.2005 13:39h Acojonante!Muchas Gracias! Spain 29
153 Sean Moore 11.02.2005 20:47h Amazing! Congrats to David... that riddle ruled my life for a while there, and probably still will for a while longer! Thanks and bring on more levels! UK 19
154 charmschool 11.02.2005 22:23h thanks to notpron, i've used up all my sick-days. Canada 21
155 Plamen Marinov 11.02.2005 23:49h that was toughy, bit was nice Bulgaria 30+
156 VladTheImpaler 12.02.2005 00:57h - .... -..- ..-. --- .-. - .... . ..-. ..-
-. -.. .- ...- .. -.. -- :)
Bulgaria 19
157 Ollie 12.02.2005 07:59h The best wasted week of my life!... Salut Montreal!!! I DID IT! Finally! South Korea 27
158 Whit 12.02.2005 13:15h w00t! Paty 3W doing big things with pr0n USA 25
159 TooManySecrets 12.02.2005 15:08h Nomer 11 nishto ne go byrka. QCJWZRJEEJBSREVSQCFBWRUBSJQBVW ! Bulgaria 18
160 Jochen 12.02.2005 16:57h Teamwork rules. Greets to Kris for being best girl.Greets from Cape Town to the rest of the world South Africa 29
160 Kim 12.02.2005 16:57h I'm proud that I'm a part of that team!! South Africa 27
160 Joseph 12.02.2005 16:57h Sorry, no time on my hands for a comment...must print chicks :P South Africa 31
160 Jenny 12.02.2005 16:57h Greets from the other half of the World! David - I'm impressed! South Africa 28
160 Jolo 12.02.2005 16:57h I can't remember my way home...HELP! South Africa 37
160 Steven 12.02.2005 16:57h Cool one DavidM.Thanks to Jo for being a real cool boss! South Africa 31
166 Jenny 12.02.2005 17:39h Finally made it! :o) Really a great riddle. Germany 17
168 BrainDonorofUJ 12.02.2005 19:20h What a wild ride! I can finally sleep again!! :-) USA 35
169 boyb 12.02.2005 19:46h haha Simon, guess who made it first =P Canada 20
170 Anil B. Bolme 12.02.2005 20:46h wonderful puzzle!!!!! Turkey 35
0 twist3d 12.02.2005 21:49h I cheated through the whole thing since I don't even have the intelligence for Level 4! I was trapped into a fake ending UK I have no pen0r 19
171 TheKid 12.02.2005 22:29h Hallelujah! USA 15
172 Jake 13.02.2005 02:03h David you are a legend, this is the best thing on the internet. I am now officially smarter than all my friends. Now to rescue my degree. (After going negative of course...) UK 21
173 Robin 13.02.2005 04:31h finally finished! awesome (very creative) riddle...thanks for the sleepless nights and all the fustration. USA 16
174 WeeMan 14.02.2005 02:49h Top work sharone.. Excellent riddle, 2 months well spent. Yahoo! Scotland 40
175 Cornell University, Court Hall 2A (Griffin, Bob, Parker, Max, Ploppy, Eric, Jordan, Brett, Hajime, Chethan) 14.02.2005 04:39h We didn't go to college for nuthin!
Nice puz DavidM
USA all 18 and 19
176 Yesman 14.02.2005 09:58h Spent a lot of hard time but excellence riddles!!! Hong Kong 30
177 Patrick 14.02.2005 10:06h Yeah! I made it! Thanks all my colleagues helped me. It is enjoyable! Hong Kong 26
178 simosue 14.02.2005 22:05h whereami England 36
179 Sofia 14.02.2005 22:26h thx for a great week! Sweden 24
180 nomorekids 15.02.2005 00:20h greatest puzzle EVER, on to zero! USA 24
181 mtbeer 15.02.2005 06:53h Beautifully crafted puzzles! USA 30+
182 Geo 15.02.2005 08:04h Yatta! Finally! USA 16
183 Flip 15.02.2005 13:51h Oh finally! The riddle was very good except some levels were very frustrating and hard, but I think thats the point. Took me very long time to finish this but I got strenght always after solving level so wow. This was really nice game! Finland 19
184 bryunzeel 15.02.2005 18:02h Woo!! Made it! Yeah this thing was so difficult that it was almost a crime against humanity, but that eureka! feeling was really worth it all. Easily the best thing in net! (besides pr0n of course) Finland 19
185 Jennifer (blueskYe4) 15.02.2005 22:17h Thanks for being an evil genius! USA 27
186 GuitarJ87 15.02.2005 23:40h Wahoo, oot, finally done, I was so blind on
that last part. MVHS XC is the Best.
USA 17
187 Serdar 16.02.2005 00:40h I cannot believe it's over.. Best
riddle I've ever seen..
Turkey 22
188 Jen & Carrie 16.02.2005 07:23h Are we the first lesbians to beat this? ;-) Thanks for many sleepless nights, David! PS - we both enjoyed the "pron" *wink wink* USA 21
189 Kim 16.02.2005 07:37h Yay, I finally finished. (^_^)v. Thank you for all those fun riddles, David. USA 16
190 IBCool2Day 16.02.2005 21:07h I want to shoot my friend for showing me this, but after sleepless nights, it's finally DONE! I must admit, glancing at the forum proved to be crucial at times, but the satisfaction of figuring it out on my own was well worth it. **Representing good ol' Johns Hopkins** USA 22
191 Wendigo 16.02.2005 22:41h joejb ipufm bmqib ubohp fdip vojgpsn Spain 23
192 ElSe 17.02.2005 00:39h Thank you for the fun riddle. USA 29
193 Bleu 17.02.2005 04:16h "That was rediculous." (as it is spelled here :-) ) USA 18
194 CXA31 17.02.2005 05:44h Ouch, my head hurts! (but i am done thanks to Lee) Canada 40
195 Ralph 17.02.2005 12:22h the greatest riddle I've ever played. I got maximum fun and I'm
glad it's not over now (there are the minuses - currently stuck on -6).
David you're a real riddle-God. Keep goin.
Germany 48
196 Andy 17.02.2005 15:08h Great Riddle!! Austria 19
197 Eli Weiss 18.02.2005 19:10h for riddles like this they invented the internet.
really enjoyed this one, even though my exams will suck ...
Israel 27
198 MushroomOfDoom 18.02.2005 23:18h :P zZZZZzzZ zZZzzzzZ zZZZZzzZ « ...10 kinds of people, those who can read that nibble and those who cannot... yar, ... Israel 17
199 Jessk 19.02.2005 02:01h whew.. USA 18
200 SeDaTeD 19.02.2005 14:52h F*cken awesome!!! What a way to prepare my brain after a six month break before uni starts! Thanks heaps! Australia 17
201 Robert 19.02.2005 16:48h done at last... Germany 20
202 Raz Y 19.02.2005 18:00h Great riddle! had the most fun! hope there will be continue... Israel 18
203 Florian 19.02.2005 18:28h Thank you! Thanks to Jenny (UK)! and to Nevin (GER)
and Thomas: Where are you?
Germany 30
204 GrouchoM. 19.02.2005 20:07h great riddle! made my days (weeks, whatever). thanks for pushing me to think outside the box. also, thanks in the name of all the software that i have used, since you gave them a chance to be helpful at last. :) Turkey 28
205 Astral 19.02.2005 21:26h I still don't know if my brain survived solving all the puzzles.
Time to cool down in the negatives...
Germany 28
206 Lordbojo(Bernie Hsu) 19.02.2005 22:46h Oh my god my brain hurts now! shout outs to
UPSB and good luck to anyone on lvl 80! It's tough!
USA 17
207 lalnAMSmU!St! (suspicious) 19.02.2005 23:46h kekeke! I MADE IT! you DONT! crimzor sux :o Sweden 15
208 Oli Jay 19.02.2005 03:05h Nice riddles, great challenge, superb entertainment ;-) ... now I need some rest! Belgium 19
209 Iccz 19.02.2005 04:37h I fucked a goat in the arse to complete this. I HOPE YOUR HAPPY!!1 n0taids... England 19
210 Tim Finnegan / Fede (yeap, there's two of us) 20.02.2005 06:08h Our brains now work at 4% capacity / Christine I love You! Argentina 23
211 Ian Kline 20.02.2005 07:19h Tuesday is coming, did you bring your coat? USA 17
212 erez maadani 20.02.2005 15:21h it's over!!! Israel 25
213 Marjuska 20.02.2005 16:00h Jihuu!!! I made it! Amazing riddle! Finland 33
214 Jaouad (Da K!nG) 20.02.2005 17:54h Finally I'm done, thx for the great riddles David! A1A 4-Life :D Morocco 16
215 magician82 20.02.2005 18:31h best riddle! its fun for more then a week! lvl 80 is very creative Germany 22
216 Ben Slote and Martin Bishop 20.02.2005 21:59h Great riddle USA 20
217 waldorf 20.02.2005 23:30h This took WAY to much of my time :P Netherlands 29
218 inconnu 21.02.2005 12:01h thx 2 Marbledore and olly who helped me to do it
and to DavidM 4 the best riddle i've ever met!!! :))))))
Russia 22
219 Thomas 21.02.2005 16:39h Hard, harder, Notpron... thx to Florian & Nevin Germany 30
220 Manuel 21.02.2005 17:49h ¡Este juego la lleva! (This game is cool!) Nothing else to say. Chile 15
221 blake 22.02.2005 00:06h i just want to say that i thoroughly enjoyed notpron...i pride myself
on being pretty clever, but your riddle kicked my ass pretty good...i
will admit that i didn't get to the end by myself...i had to use the
forum posts, but still i got for negative notpr0n...
USA 25
222 malisha 22.02.2005 00:10h no cheats - no chicks :D Serbia & Montenegro 32
223 STEVZN 22.02.2005 01:05h (00#! 1 m4P3 17. %3$$$! Belgium 33
224 LoudmouthLee 22.02.2005 09:20h You have taken over my life. I need to have it back now. My girlfriend doesn't know my name anymore. Hey GLers! USA 25
225 Danai CCS [Pao] 22.02.2005 12:30h So Great - -" Thailand 17
226 jumb 22.02.2005 14:03h I hate you, but I had a great time. Hi #hsc and BoS Australia 18
227 Jason Warren 22.02.2005 15:52h Good job on that game, very well thought out. Caused far too many hours sat staring at the screen. UK 27
228 kääk 22.02.2005 16:48h Thanks for 11 days of excruciating pain...can I please get my life back now? :D Finland 38
229 Marius 22.02.2005 17:04h It was hard, it was crazy, but most of all it was funny! Ciao gente! :) [3io TA] Italy 24
230 Nicolas Tanteles 22.02.2005 18:50h thank you for the riddle i want more Cyprus (mail) 30
231 Paul Flanagan 22.02.2005 19:23h That was awesome. Keep it coming, im off to the darkside... England 20
232 Delion_DK 22.02.2005 20:57h This last level was the greatest :-) Thanks for many hours entertainment of playing this fantastic Riddle. Denmark 49
233 Joel Califa 22.02.2005 22:17h Had a great, detached 4 days with this, thanks a lot ;) Israel 16
234 Kazin 22.02.2005 23:39h Most obsessed I've been about anything the last couple of years. Great stuff. Sweden 22
235 Brian Justus 23.02.2005 00:05h Too many riddles and not enough Pr0n USA 17
236 darkish123 23.02.2005 00:42h : that freakin' riddle..... woot!!...... finally finished.... Chile 20
237 Pawlee 23.02.2005 01:15h slow and steady wins last place USA 25
238 Aren 23.02.2005 02:04h I can now go to sleep for a week! USA 27
239 Giannis_13 23.02.2005 03:32h Oh, come on... Is this all u can do?! Just
kidding...!! Yet another one for GREECE, but I would
rather be the first one! [Giannis Georgomichelakis,
Greece 22
240 Sam E. 23.02.2005 05:00h I'm the youngest person on here! Scotty Morris is my uncle! Thanks for the greatest days of my life, DavidM! Exclamation mark! USA 14
241 npadgett 23.02.2005 05:15h wow I finally solved this cumulative test. Thanks for the mental yoga/kamasutra. There is more than corn in Indiana. USA 20
242 Marios Georgiou 23.02.2005 07:20h Great riddle david. I liked the challenge quite a lot. We want more Cyprus 30
243 Greg Sager 23.02.2005 07:41h Awesome riddle, if you can call it that. I'd say it's more of a labyrinth USA 20
244 Kcantoinette 23.02.2005 08:52h Wow. I made it! My brain is totally fried... but
hey, I MADE IT! *cheers* Now onto the negatives... :D
USA 18
245 DevinW 23.02.2005 13:49h I don't know whether to be ashamed or proud of beating this riddle but I'll be damned if it wasn't addicting! USA 20
246 Elad Droree 23.02.2005 14:51h Wow, I can't believe i'm done... I spent a week of my life
living this stupid weird riddle. Thanks for a great time, David!
Israel 17
247 Marinos Botsinis 23.02.2005 15:51h Another one for Greece!! Great Game David and thanks for all! Greece 15
248 Matthew Phillips 23.02.2005 17:33h There's a difference between knowing the Path and walking the Path USA 20
249 Caligurl 23.02.2005 19:59h Thanks David, 1 month of my life I'll never get back USA 28
250 Gigi L'Amoroso 23.02.2005 23:22h Finally will have a good night's sleep, joining the Belgian ranks Belgium 40
251 Jordan Mandel 24.02.2005 02:41h i live in a giant bucket USA 17
252 MalNivek 24.02.2005 15:06h Thanks all. Finally I know what is a riddle. And btw... are you a human? Hong Kong 24
253 Salator 24.02.2005 17:26h Nice puzzle! Thanks to all who gave me little hints. Germany 34
254 Mike Williamson, Matt Wallace, Andrew Keller, Brett Baver 24.02.2005 19:22h DavidM, you are the Buddah of the internet. With great power comes great
USA 19-20
255 Silverthourn 25.02.2005 01:15h Every time I close my eyes I see numbers. Gonna need serious therapy after this. Really creative game. Sucked up a couple weeks of my life, but I kept seeing the damn thing in my sleep. Keep up the good work. USA 24
256 Justin Biancardi 25.02.2005 03:00h What can completely destroy your social life and keep you sober on Saturday nights, but will still occasionally satisfy your libido? No… not your girlfriend… USA 20
257 theone123 25.02.2005 09:16h argh, damn this game is hard, but fun, wooHoo i pass it! cheers to pals of BoS and to other fellow aussies who finished it. Australia 19
258 Kami 25.02.2005 09:44h yay. im the 5th hongkonger who complete this wicked riddle. *MAXIUM RESPECT* Hong Kong 18
259 ChaUish 619 25.02.2005 09:46h Doing it 619 style Hong Kong 18
260 MACK 25.02.2005 15:24h Oh my god that is 4 weeks hard at it.     33
261 Bil&Dan 25.02.2005 15:47h Finished!!! Long sleepness nights, FINALLY I can have a w*nk !!! UK 20
262 Minna 25.02.2005 16:40h Wow...thx so much for making this game. Can't wait to play more~ ^^ Hong Kong 28
263 Billy 25.02.2005 16:58h Finally............yooyoyoyooo.!!!! David sir ho ging.......^^ Hong Kong 20
264 ElMat 25.02.2005 22:16h Great game. And now, back to my normal life ! France 27
265 Akshell 26.02.2006 08:37h Thkx "" ;P to show me this riddle... DavidM #OK#... 4 days... 4 intensive days.... Finally I'm free!!! (with my brain off... but free xD) *aLeXiTo ^.^* Spain 20
266 yspeck2u 26.02.2005 12:20h It was a great and addictive riddle! Glad it's over, though... Israel 21
267 Aviad Levin (AVATEC) 26.02.2005 20:58h 10X for the nice riddle Israel 26
268 Paul Willemin 27.02.2005 04:47h I may have reached the end of the game, but my nightmares
will be forever filled with howling wolves, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, and
x-ray images of hands forming sign language. Thanks David! :D
USA 22
269 Maestro 27.02.2005 10:34h Not Pron is greatest thing to come along since sliced bread! Sweden  
270 Kory 27.02.2005 16:34h I finally get my life back! USA 26
271 Boaz Shafrir 27.02.2005 21:37h Yay, now I can go back to standard yes-porn Israel 21
272 Sergey 27.02.2005 22:31h Thrilling, Super riddle Ukraine 33
273 Matt Gayetsky 28.02.2005 04:57h This puzzle owned my life for a month. So sad it's over... USA 21
274 Jelly295 28.02.2005 10:09h thanks for the help bleu and hope to see tlo on here too!!! USA 18
275 Princess_Jemima 28.02.2005 11:02h This riddle killed me for weeks! DavidM your an evil genius! UK 16
276 Crossbone Vanguard 28.02.2005 13:20h Bloom! Davidm, more chicks needed !
Days and nights are for chicks not ranking :)
Hong Kong 15
277 Nic Garvey 28.02.2005 14:15h The toughest game I ever played. UK 24
278 gurugod 28.02.2005 15:11h It really ruined my s** life. Finally fifth of Belgium. Belgium 35
279 Itamar L. 28.02.2005 16:09h Nice Riddle, kills lots of time and steams lots Israel 30
280 Brind´Amour 28.02.2005 16:56h We spent days in front of the screen, so my girlfrind and I know now
why it´s called notpron. We even forgot to eat!
Austria 28
281 silence78at Austria 27
282 Simone 28.02.2005 18:15h great riddle, was a lot of fun to solve!!!! Germany 21
283 Fabian Germany 23
284 ThE_FiRe_KiNg(Yuval S) 28.02.2005 18:22h Yes!!!!! Finally finished!!!! Thank you David i learned a lot and i hope to enjoy the minus levels too. Israel 14
285 avs5221 28.02.2005 20:53h Thanks for a great game, David! This kept me awake many nights. Well worth the time. USA 18
286 moon 28.02.2005 21:04h I think my brain hurts... Great game! Time to go back to the real world though... or not? i saw something about the negative levels... oh not again!!! Greece 25
287 Gerco van Dijk 28.02.2005 21:27h Het moeilijkste spel wat k ooit gespeeld heb! thanx for making
"The neterlands" 18
288 Greenie (Lisa) 28.02.2005 23:27h What a great game! Thanks to my friend K for showing it to me. Good thing I finished, now the family can have a hot meal again. USA 37
289 baifengz 01.03.2005 00:24h best waste of my time ev4r! USA 21
290 Troy Steele 01.03.2005 02:14h Queen’s Engineers (Sci. ’08.) Canada 18
291 Chris Clark 01.03.2005 02:17h (he gave me lyrics of a whole song, which I am NOT pasting here!)


Canada 18
292 Shatner Franchi 01.03.2005 03:42h Best game ever i was addicted USA 18
293 Steve Clarke 01.03.2005 03:51h Wow, very creative and hard game. I can now resume with my life. USA 18
294 Matt 01.03.2005 05:26h Jared Toner is a n00b Canada 17
295 ChappyPhiKappaTheta 01.03.2005 06:33h Shout out to Welch…I did it buddy! David made one hell of a puzzle here! P.S. I love you Traci! USA 20
296 Graham Arthur Van Leuven 01.03.2005 10:28h This puzzle has ruled my life for the past few weeks, much to the frustration of my girlfriend. Now I get to watch my fraternity brothers all struggle through it while I start the negative levels... DavidM, you are a golden god. USA 19
297 dave stevens 01:03.2005 13:34h that ruled my life England 19
298 Lun Lurkre 01.03.2005 17:30h That's the EVILEST addicting timewaster! Hong Kong 22
299 Iiro 01.03.2005 20:14h Thanks for the great riddle DavidM! It truly was a tough one Finland 26
300 TRock 01.03.2005 20:40h I'd say something witty, but I've no brain cells left... USA 35
301 Non Serviam 01.03.2005 21:28h zoshoa *breathes heavily*.. FINALLY... feels like I've been on a marathon for
the past 2 weeks! this riddle is AWESOME. thank you so much for
writing it!
Israel 25
302 Ben 01.03.2005 21:43h Thanks for the great riddle davidm! And thanks to Katie and Rene for the morale support ;) USA 17
303 Kim Possible 01.03.2005 21:44h Thank you for the migraines! You and Christine are _amazingly creative_. Twisted at times, but creative none-the-less! Serious Fun. USA 33
304 Robin 01.03.2005 21:53h So much of my life has been sucked into this riddle.... But I still want more. USA 20
305 piter pank 02.03.2005 00:40h amazing game, serious addiction! now i will relax & enjoy the pr0n collected (^_^) Spain 21
306 Michele Anderson 02.03.2005 01:31h You are EVIL! Thanks for the good time.

USA 27
307 Steve Anderson 02.03.2005 01:42h Couldn't have made it this far without my wife, love you Chele. USA 23
308 Snakelover 02.03.2005 11:06h Greetings to TT and TM2! Austria 27
309 Ryan Steele 02.03.2005 13:54h Sci '08 strikes again Canada 19
310 The Whisky Men! 02.03.2005 14:01h Very tricky and my origami has improved no end! UK 26
311 Julie Ghosh 02.03.2005 14:43h I love you! No honest, I do! UK 23
312 Haluk Demirok (Ironarrow) 02.03.2005 20:51h Finally! I am going to sleep. Turkey 24
313 Antonio García (Atleta) 03.03.2005 02:35h ¡Por fin!, después de tres interminables días lo he acabado. El juego es cojonudo, te despierta otras formas de pensar aunque no es recomendable hacerlo en época de exámenes, jejeje. Un saludo a to Teleco de Málaga y a mi "apoderao" Miguel. ¡Viva Jaén n.p.! Spain 21
314 Wendy 03.03.2005 03:07h About a month ago, my college dorm hall started this; now I am the sole one to complete it. It can be done! Best month-long project ever, David! USA 18
315 danielam 03.03.2005 07:41h I Love You David! You are genius! I'm waiting for the notpron 2.0 Hong Kong 29
316 ahbau 03.03.2005 09:17h nothing to say... want to take a rest..... Hong Kong 18
317 Aviad Levy 03.03.2005 12:20h It's good to use your brain once in a while. tnx Wizzy for sending me the riddle.and tnx DavidM for challenging 3 weeks! Israel 15
318 Sujay S. Date 03.03.2005 13:37h This was rocking. Finallly I am in now. :D India 18
319 Plobsi 03.03.2005 16:39h Super riddle, brillant! I can't believe that I'm the oldest guy who dit it until now! Austria 51
320 baggins 03.03.2005 16:45h That was fun :) Poland 30
321 shinma Poland 23
322 Steven M (JustLurking) 03.03.2005 18:21h Thank you, David and others, for countless hours of bashing my head against a wall. Now to find the spackle. USA 26
323 Averell 03.03.2005 18:27h (nothing to say for some reason) Austria 31
324 Ulf_R 03.03.2005 19:05h Danke fuer Deine Kreativitaet - und dafuer, dass ich jetzt weiss, dass ich gar nicht so viel Schlaf brauche, wie ich vorher dachte ! Germany 55
325 Caymon Hamel 03.03.2005 19:46h Jesus christ!!! notpr0n OWNED me for 8 days!!!!! Finally, I'm done!!! My girlfriend will be very happy that she gets to see me some now.
DavidM - You gave me the first challenge in a long time. I thank you for making methink. I havent had to do that much thinking in a long time. And I thank you for the computer lessons (sort of). I learned alot about computers and the manipulation of them. Keep it up man. Good job to you and the whole notpr0n team!!!!
USA 24
326 Petrus 03.03.2005 20:14h Maths, biology, physics, arts, history, music, physics (yeah
baby),...: some great masterclasses in the Not Pron-school! And an excellent
teacher as well: fantastic, mind boggling work, David M!
Belgium 23
327 Zippie Lee 03.03.2005 20:15h Well done! You've kept me busy for several weeks :) Belgium 25
328 Tim Spijkers 03.03.2005 21:41h It's been emotional! Netherlands 29
329 Kate (WHM) 03.03.2005 22:34h Yes!!!!. I made it. Thanks Amnesty and Lolly for their hints in mirc. Time for a good rest.
Singapore 22
330 RMKraft 04.03.2005 00:50h the most amazing thing I've done to distract myself from school!! Thank you DavidM, you are a genius!! USA 17
0 Martin Firth   We ran into a fake ending, which was made to catch cheaters like us. "Im fucking pissed of at you we did not i repeat did not cheat wat the
fuk are you on about that puzzle took us 3 months and to wind up being told that we apparently cheated.... Fuk this im suing. what a load of bullshit. im pissed there is no way to cheat fuk this shit man fuk this shit."
I'm sure, smart people talk like this :)
Australia   none yet 13 (haha..)
0 Jay Whiting. 14
331 Khamprasith 04.03.2005 03:59h Wow ! What an experience Canada 17
332 BILDOU 04.03.2005 04:14h Thank you for all these great riddles Canada 16
333 spjk2k 05.03.2005 02:12h thanks. enjoyed. USA 35
334 Springer 05.03.2005 09:40h Soon I will forget the headaches, the blood,
sweat and tears and the endless sleepless nights... and remember just the FUN!!! And it WAS! Onwards and downwards! I wonder if I am the first person from the Isle of Wight to complete this?
Isle of Wight UK 52
335 rdm|P.3. 05.03.2005 11:25h I hate you DavidM, U r Evil... anyway... thanks a lot, i'm glad 2 have found this game. P.S. pr0n is really cheap -) Russia 21
336 John Felts 05.03.2005 11:50h (shameless self pimpage, which I'm not posting :P) USA 31
337 Romel (aka The King of Us) 05.03.2005 14:41h Some (many actaully) say only nerds can finish this game, I say I can too. Sweden 21
338 Miguel Lourenço 05.03.2005 15:08h Although not the first portuguese to end
this, one more portuguese to have ended this...
Portugal 23
339 Samir 05.03.2005 17:12h Once a retard always a retard. Sweden 21
340 Jani 05.03.2005 17:37h Truly a great riddle! Finally made it through. ^^ That was great fun from the beginning till the end. (Execpt the frustrating moments. But don't care about them.) I'm going to save my "cube" as a prize. =) Finland 15
341 apostleguy 05.03.2005 22:12h Thanks for this awesome puzzle...glad i'm finally done with the light side...time to work on my school stuff now.... USA 19
342 Laine 05.03.2005 22:28h Glad to be here, excellent waste of time. USA 34
343 Grace Martinez 05.03.2005 23:44h Thanx for making this riddle. It was very hard at times and I am so happy for finally having passed it. The people in your forum are very nice as
USA 27
344 Christina Geiger 06.03.2005 05:59h This was so much fun, luckily I was on sick leave for the last 4 days; my
eyes hurt now (level 80 cost me a whole night's sleep). Greetings to my
sister Prouksi who helped!
Austria 27
345 G.d.G. 06.03.2005 10:52h Notpron just spoiled 9 days of my life! But I'm now a master in using
Photoshop & Google.
Netherlands 21
346 xrunner 06.03.2005 16:52h Great week!!! Who is more insane? The insane? Or who follows him? Spain 27
347 dhmgdani3l 06.03.2005 16:59h Many hours of pure boredom and moments of extreme excitement! Great Riddle! Great way to kill boring hours of college life! <UCSD represent!> (south?)Korea 19
348 Chi Ho Lau 06.03.2005 17:17h gotta love david...sometimes, he
makes you see nothing...sometimes, he makes you feel
Hong Kong 20
349 x11 06.03.2005 19:49h serious gaming .........! i'd like the idea of making your every day coputer environment to a real challange!!! Netherlands 26
350 Carlitos 06.03.2005 22:53h A sense of accomplishment like no other!! Panamá 28
351 kullervo 07.03.2005 02:39h Deathball-- Unemployed? Would you like to be? Unbelievable. One month later-- I had to download a couple dozen programs, but I did it-- on a Mac! Insane. Level 0? Argh!!! USA 37
352 NTSRVR@44256 07.03.2005 04:58h 143 Babydoll! Thanks DavidM and crew for a great experience! USA 33
353 WimpyWimpy 07.03.2005 05:21h Great game David, i hope you continue to make more levels and I can't wait to get to level -20, yes soon this will be outdated. USA 14
354 Pengo 07.03.2005 12:39h NotPr0n is simply the best! Italy 33
355 alexCSY 07.03.2005 13:22h Thank you for making the riddle! I spent nearly two weeks on it. Hong Kong 15
356 el oso 07.03.2005 19:10h great riddle all you need to find out the answers was
Panamá 29
357 BobWarrenthe3rd 07.03.2005 19:35h dont remember what i put in my first email and im to lazy to look so L-Town Illinois represent im a tard blah blah blah USA 20
358 Shack Toms 08.03.2005 14:05h Stimulating on, ahem, many levels. USA 52
359 Faerin 08.03.2005 14:57h That was painfull :P At least now I can sleep again. Canada 26
360 Unistardust (Ksana Fok) 08.03.2005 15:30h Wow! What a great riddle game....Thx David!!!
Although it makes me dizzy.....
it is a great game to challenge yourselves!!! ^ ^
Hong Kong 20
361 Jim M. 09.03.2005 03:06h Wow. Time consuming, but fun. USA   31
362 Alecs 09.03.2005 12:24h Riddle solved. Romania 24
363 Big21ficomar 09.03.2005 23:27h What a headache these two weeks!! But today was the biggest headache I ever had, I've solved this riddle twice cause someone have changed some levels! Stupid riddle!! Thank'u David!! Y gracias a Leticia y a mis compañeros de piso por haberme ayudado y soportado estas dos largas semanas. Come on, I'm waiting for more!!! Spain 22
364 Curtis 10.03.2005 06:44h FINALLY!! Definitely was a
worthwhile riddle. Please make another page of levels
so I can pass more time away.
USA 16
365 Aciteli 10.03.2005 10:40h The best riddle ever seen, two weeks of obsesion. Spain 22
366 DeadSkinMask 11.03.2005 01:52h pure genius, its all i can say USA 23

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