Open Google in a separate window

When you do google searches, always put in -notpron to avoid spoilers.




- All levels with a google bar potentially require googling. So use the built in google.

About all passworded riddles:
- No spaces
- No capital letters
- You don't need to register anywhere
- You will find the username and password written somewhere in the riddle in a hidden way (very different in every level)
- No guessing! You will know when you have the answer. No need to enter random words that you find somewhere.
- A slow internet connection can cause a correct password combination to be refused. When you KNOW that you have the right one and it's not working, try it again until it works.
- don't hesitate to use external programs to solve riddles, some even require it (all you need can be legally downloaded somewhere)
- the only rule is NOT to search for solutions on the web, but google gets you other useful hints if you look for the right things

Official IRC channel:
quakenet #notpron
Forums (spoilerfree, just hints)

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