Notpron, the making of book, 106 Din A4 Pages!

-The whole story about how it was made and how it started out
-A development guide about every single level
-Including an introduction to new players who want to get fascinated by it now
-Comments on the development by the makers
-Over 160 coloured images of the riddles, the outtakes, solutions and the makers
-A large riddle guide with design hints on how to do your own riddle
-The funniest mistakes and quotes from Notpron riddlers from all over the world.
-The walkthrough with all eggs shown, all hints explained, all solutions (only up to level -18).

The eBook in pdf format for only 9,99-

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Also tell me if you want the walkthrough to be added or to be left out.

If you are undecided, check out the demo version here:
Download the demo version (doc)

Click here for an acrobat version (pdf)